2 Unique Experiences on Cozumel Island Not to be Missed

If you are planning to visit Cozumel island, you won’t be short of things to do. With a slew of fun activities for kids, exciting jeep tours, and even Mexican cooking classes, the island is the perfect playground for truly unique experiences.

As the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel has consistently been a tourist hotspot since the 60’s. So no, you won’t be exploring lesser-known local sites here, but the compensation is that there are loads of activities, beaches, restaurants and hotels to satisfy any visitor, from the younger crowd to families. And it’s not hard to escape the herd and discover there is more to Cozumel than you might have anticipated.

1. Punta Sur

A good place to start is at the southern tip of the island, where you’ll find the wild and untouched Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, with its endless stretch of fine sand, crocodile-filled lagoons and amazing views from its lighthouse. Here you can snorkel, swim with manatees, take a boat ride or visit the small museum.

2. Chankanaab Reef

However, if you want to see the depths of the ocean without getting wet, then as submarine tour is the perfect family-friendly vessel to help you discover the Chankanaab Reef and all of the wondrous sea creatures that inhabit it. It’s playground for thousands of fish, lobsters, rays, sharks, and turtles. Aboard the only touristic submarine in Mexico you will ride to the famous Cozumel Wall, a 1,800 ft (550 mts) drop off that is located on the far edges of the Island. Here, you can marvel at a dive wreck called Felipe Xicotencatl, a 154 ft (16 mts) ship that sank in 2000 for the purpose of enhancing marine life in Cozumel coral reefs.

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