3 Amazing Excursions to Try in Oaxaca

The countryside around Oaxaca is dotted with small archaeological sites and villages, and many outdoor adventures, ensuring there are always things to do in Oaxaca.

1. Visit the ruins of Monte Alban

Monte Alban, one of the bastions of Mayan civilization, centers on the Gran Plaza – a man-made area created by flattening the mountaintop. From this plaza, aligned north to south, you can survey the Oaxacan valley. The excavations at Monte Alban have also revealed more than 170 tombs, numerous ceremonial altars, stelae, pyramids, and palaces.

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2. Go birdwatching – the native species are amazing

The foothills and hiking trails around Monte Alban are perfect for bird watching. Ocellated Thrashers, Slaty and Dwarf Vireo, Pileated Flycatchers, Orange-billed Nightingales and Blue Mockingbirds are only some of the endemic species on offer. But if you come in the summer, there’s a greater chance to see almost all of them.

3. Experience incredible mountain bike trails

Nearby, the forested Sierra Norte is home to successful community-tourism ventures presenting visitors with hike and bike tours and even horse rides amid delicious green mountainscapes. Here, varied biogeographic regions converge, fostering outstanding diversity and endemism in nature, birds and humanity.

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