3 Customs Found Only in Guanajuato

Every destination has its own character, its own flavor. And among the lusher south of the Volcanic Belt, Guanajuato is a palate cleanser. Featuring frog statues, narrow streets, and brightly colored houses atop steep hillsides; the unique traits of Guanajuato assures its place as one of Mexico’s gems. Already well known among Mexicans, and growing in popularity with foreigners, Guanajuato City is attracting more tourists each year, but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting.

1. The foremost nighttime tradition

When you first stop by this charming city, you have to experience the local Callejoneadas. A Callejoneada sees groups of locals following a traditional band in 17th century dress as they belt out classic Mexican folk songs to much appraisal and enthusiasm from the crowds. Steeped in folklore and mysterious legends, a traditional Callejoneada is the perfect window into the stories of Guanajuato and its surrounding towns.

2. A city in full bloom

The Baile de las Flores, or Dance of the Flowers, is a time-honored tradition held each year, and it features traditional music, young men and women all decked-out in fancy dress, and the exchanging of flowers of all types and sizes. All done in celebration of the La Virgen de los Dolores.

3. Celebrating the finest international films

The Expresión en Corto is an international film festival that takes place in the neighboring cities of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, respectively. It attracts participants from Mexico and abroad, and boasts big-names in the Mexican and international film industries who come to enjoy and partake in film presentations, discussions, workshops and much more!


You’ll never be left without ideas of what to do in Guanajuato, as this city is a boiling pot for culture. Lined with theaters, museums, festivals and authentic Mexican food, all set to a backdrop of stunning colonial architecture, Guanajuato is a revelation.

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