3 Fun Facts About Mexico City You Probably Didn’t Know

Serving as the country’s most important political, cultural, and educational center, as well as one of the most important financial centers in the Americas. Mexico City is arguably the greatest city in the western hemisphere, and still has many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Here are three things you didn’t know about the place that more than 20 million people call their home.

1. The city is an economic powerhouse

If Mexico City were an independent, separate country it would be the fifth-largest economy in Latin America, five times bigger than Costa Rica’s economy, and would have the same economic power as Peru.

2. The ancient Aztec drink of pulque is popular again

Pulque is a frothy drink made from the native maguey plant and was once considered sacred by the Aztecs. One of the reasons the drink has lost popularity, is a result of the introduction of ‘cerveza’. Pulque also loses much of its potency if it sits too long in a barrel during transport. However, pulque has claimed back some of its former glory, because of the city’s proximity to local maguey farms. Making pulque the perfect companion to the delicious Mexican food on offer.

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3. There are more than 150 museums

Apart from the obligatory paragliding, ATV or zipline tours, Mexico City has a colorful mix of museums and art galleries for the more culturally-geared visitors. Of course you can find Frida Kahlo’s vibrant works in the iconic home she once shared with Diego Rivera, but there are over 350 other museums and art galleries to visit. Ranging from the architectural wonder of Museo Soumaya, to quirky finds at the Museo del Juguete. You can find a museum dedicated to just about anything regarding Mexico’s history, and there’s even a museum honoring the greatest substance on earth, over at MUCHO Mundo Chocolate.

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