3 Great Ideas for Delicious Mexican Cuisine in Guanajuato

Guanajuato, a city normally characterised for its heart-stopping adventure tours, is also a culinary haven. There are tons of tourist-friendly restaurants here that fill the plazas and picturesque locales across town. Catering to the massive crowds of national tourists who visit the city annually, these eateries can be a great pick for a cold beer, a plate of guacamole, and an amazing atmosphere (not a bad combination by any standard).

1. Casa Valadez

An atmospheric restaurant on the Jardin de la Union, Casa Valadez gets double points for style. This big eatery is always packed with tourists and families dining alfresco or lounging indoors in one of the restaurant’s big booths. Located on the east end of the plaza, Casa Valadez’s old-fashioned dining room is decorated with gray-and-gold columns, brass chandeliers, and patterned wallpaper. The menu covers a full spectrum, including soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, enchiladas, and meat dishes; and plates run from economical to pricey.

2. La Bohemia

Toward the back of the Jardin de la Union, La Bohemia is a surprisingly inexpensive place for a casual meal – despite its prime location in the central square. This small, traditional eatery serves a range of typical Mexican breakfasts, like huevos a la mexicana (eggs scrambled with chile pepper, tomato, and onion) and an inexpensive “comida corrida” (fast food), which usually includes soup, rice, a main plate, and a drink for a set price. With small tables, the atmosphere is functional rather than fancy, though large doorways open onto the jovial bustle of the plaza. Food is tasty, though simple, and service is friendly and attentive. Easy on the wallet and with plenty to recommend it, La Bohemia is popular with both locals and visitors.

3. Eating on the street

However, of all the things to do in Guanajuato, the unpretentious Mexican street fare is arguably the most exciting thing about the place. You can get fresh cut fruit, a bag of spicy nuts, or a ton of hot dogs for a handful of pesos. Of the more interesting variety, expect to find bags of potato chips topped with hot sauce and bags of Doritos cut in half and topped with everything you can imagine.


The mountain town is home to amazing restaurants waiting to be discovered. And whether you’re looking for typical Mexican cuisine or dishes from further afield, the city is sure to serve up to expectations every time.

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