3 Places to Eat Great Mexican Food in Monterrey

Though it’s an ever-popular tourist destination, there’s more to Monterrey Mexico than this sprawling capital will initially let on. Although it’s not competing for the title of culinary mecca (at least, not yet), this wildly beautiful locale nestled in northern Mexico boasts gorgeous mountain hiking, an abundance of wildlife, the finest hot air balloon rides in Mexico, and a sizable selection of classic and contemporary authentic Mexican food. Here are three local restaurants that exemplify the regions specialities:

1. El Rey del Cabrito

The specialty in Monterrey is goat kid slow-cooked over a charcoal fire, giving it a unique, smoky taste. The locals say that if you haven’t tried “cabrito”, it’s like you haven’t really visited Monterrey at all. And there is an endless array of restaurants that sell this delicacy, but El Rey del Cabrito is, without a doubt, one of the places most popular with the locals, celebrities, and tourists seeking this famous dish. And should be the first food stop on your list when compiling all the things to do in Monterey Mexico. When you go in you’ll see the grill to your left, with lots of goat kids roasting on stakes over the charcoal. The restaurant also serves other cuts of steak, as well as local specialty dishes.

2. Taller Vegánico

A variety of healthy plant-based meals – Mexican dishes, sandwiches and Mediterranean delights – are offered at this 2nd-story restaurant in the Barrio Antiguo. Dining is in a sunlit room with concrete floors and handcrafted tables, or under umbrellas on an outdoor patio. There’s a fresh salsa bar and free refills of the daily agua (fruit drink) too!

3. Madre Oaxaca

One of Monterrey’s best restaurants, this charmer is set in a historic building and decked out with an extraordinary collection of handicrafts and folk art over its several intimate dining rooms. The menu is loaded with authentic Oaxacan dishes using rich moles (chili sauces) – try a mixed “tlayuda oaxaqueña” (huge flat bread with toppings), and save room for the sublime desserts.

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