3 Weather Facts For San Miguel de Allende

High in the central highlands of Mexico lies the fiesta-crazy town of San Miguel de Allende, a place blessed with over 320 days of sunshine and moderate rainfall, most of it falling during the summer rainy season.

1. Spring

Like most of Mexico’s central highlands cities, and especially along the routes navigating how to get to San Miguel de Allende, you’ll find spring is the warmest season of the year with average highs ranging from 84 F in March to a toasty 88 F in May.

2. Summer

June kicks off the rainy season when 16.5 inches fall June through September, which roughly makes for 75 percent of San Miguel’s annual rainfall. The rain moderates the daytime heat to a pleasant range of low 80s to high 70s and nighttime temperatures drop into the high 50s for sound sleeping without air conditioning.

In fact, the consistent thing about the San Miguel de Allende weather is, as in most places, it’s cooler at night than in the day. However, the temperature change from day to night is much more extreme than in other places you’ll visit.

3. Fall

During the fall and winter months average high temperatures hover in the 70s and drop into the low 50s and 40s at night. December and January are the two coldest months with an identical average high temperature of 73 F and low of 43 F. Very little rain falls from November through April, making it a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the city.

During this time you can and take part in any number of festivals that make this picturesque town a great year-round destination, and explore some of activities that set the city apart, such as horseback riding trips, landmark spotting, hot air balloon rides, and ATV tours.

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