3 Well Preserved Mayan Ruins Hidden in Plain Sight in Cancun

There are plenty of Mayan ruins in Cancun and its surrounding areas.

1. El Meco

Situated 3 miles from Cancun, is one of them. Housing a pyramid (El Castillo) with many fans encrusted in its facades, the ruin is a symbol of commerce – since the city was a strategic commercial enclave until the arrival of the Spaniards.

2. El Rey

Located in the hotel zone between the ocean and the lagoon, where the monuments of El Rey was erected. The facades still retain vestiges of bright colored mural paintings, and the El Rey ruins are home to a multitude of iguanas.

3. Yamil Lu’um

Settled in the gardens of the Sheraton Hotel, is a rebuilt structure of great elegance, and Pok ta Pok, on the playing course of Golf Cancun, offers golfers a chance at good fortune, if they can find the temple isolated in the rolling lawns.


Visiting these ruins have become essential Cancun excursions, apart from the underwater experiences in the Caribbean Sea off the coast, where some of the best snorkeling and diving can be had. Travelers who are interested in learning about ancient cultures and civilizations will be delighted to learn that Mexico boasts 29,000 archaeological sites, 150 or more of which are open to the public. Many of these sites are designated UNESCO heritage sites, meaning that they are recognized as sites that bear clues to mankind’s origins and evolution.

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