4 Amazing Things to Do with the Family in Monterrey

Mexico is famous for its coastal resorts like Cancun and Los Cabos, for its strong tequila and delicious tacos, and more importantly for its warm, incredibly rich and hospitable Mexican people. Yet there are many more treasures to be discovered and explored in this vast country of diverse ecosystems and cultures.

The capital city of Monterrey, an industrial metropolis located in the northeastern desert of the state of Nuevo Leon, is not traditionally considered a popular tourist destination, but the city definitely has much to offer its visitors, even those traveling as a family. Here are some exciting, family friendly activities that are on offer in and around the city:

1. Go ice skating at Parque Fundidora

The ice skating rink at the Parque Fundidora is a modern complex that offers recreational as well as professional skating, rentals, a snack bar, and areas for ballet and gymnastics.

2. Visit the Horno 3 Museum

This unique museum attraction, built in and around a decommissioned blast furnace of the old Fundidora steel plant, offers tours through its Interactive Science Center, a delicious menu with a bird’s eye view of the city from the Lingote (“ingot” in English) restaurant, and an exciting adventure route complete with zip lines and rappels that crisscross the enormous structure.

3. Take a hot air balloon ride

A local Mexican company has been operating hot air balloon rides for over 15 years in the region. This is definitely worth the early morning start as it affords spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and rugged mountains.

4. Hike the El Salto canyon

This is a great experience for canyoning and outdoor enthusiasts. El Salto is a very accessible and short canyon with only two rappel descents, both free-hanging and finishing in dry pebble-covered river beds. This is a fairly easy canyon to traverse and is great for families, beginners and those who only want to spend half a day out in the mountains.

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