4 Delicious Mexican Food Recommendations in San Cristobal

Functioning as the contemporary cultural hub of Chiapas, San Cristóbal de las Casas is also a place of spectacular natural beauty and fascinating Mayan heritage.

The area, in fact, is a great launching point for some incredible San Cristóbal excursions, which include the amazing lakes and rivers, a Palenque ruins tour, or indulging in one of the Mexican cooking classes on offer. A smart choice would be to make this your home base for a week or longer.

However, despite its cultural beauty, it’s well known among the list of Chiapas facts that San Cristóbal Mexico is also a place for delicious food. Here are some of our favorite establishments around town.

1. Galleria La Casa

Located along Real de Guadalupe close to the Iglesia de Guadalupe before the street turns into a pedestrian walkway. This is the place to head for a cheap and filling breakfast or lunch. They make great omelets, awesome chilaquiles, and nice, strong coffee. The breakfast includes a drink, tortillas or rice, and a huge plate of food. They also have a Comida Corrida, or set lunch menu which includes soup, a main meal, and a drink.

2. El Lechon Coleto

The menu may be small, but there’s only one thing you need to order here, the Cochinita Horneado. If there are a few of you, you can order this roasted pork dish by the kilo, otherwise, we recommend simply getting a plate of the cochinita. It comes with a bowl of beans, salad, and a side serving of meat topped with a sticky, crunchy, incredibly delicious piece of chicharron. You’ll love this place so much, you might go back more than once.

3. Carajillo Cafe

Arguably one of the best coffee shops in San Cristóbal. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and the interior is very pleasing. You can choose from different styles of brewing like French press, Aeropress, cold brew, or opt for an espresso-style drink. This was also one of the few cafes that do milk alternatives, like almond and coconut milk.

4. Tacos Senor Rodeo

If you want a good late-night taco spot near the city center, look no further than Tacos Senor Rodeo. They usually have two spits of meat going at once, sirloin steak and pastor (spiced pork). Both are exceptional but we really, really recommend the sirloin. You can have it in a taco, on a plate with tortillas on the side, or the local way, in a quesadilla.

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