5 Fun Facts About Puerto Vallarta

Sunbathing, tequila tasting, watersports and a Marietas Islands tour are just some of the many great things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico’s prettiest resort town is also one of its most diverse, and has some of the most intriguing stories to tell. Here are 5 fun facts about Puerto Vallarta.

1. Puerto Vallarta tourism is on the rise

The city averages over 9 billion Mexican pesos per year in income, and the main source of this (you won’t be surprised to hear) is tourism. This was not always the case, however; in the 19th century Puerto Vallarta was a fishing – and huichol indian – town whose main income came from fishing and the export of bananas, corn, beans, and coconuts to the US.

2.Mexico is a growing country

Puerto Vallarta is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico; its population has increased, on average, 7.56% annually. In 1880 the estimated total population was around 1,500 people, but by 2010 that figure was 255,725. Today there are over 300,000 people living in this sun soaked city.

3.The origins of Mariachi

The state of Jalisco, in which you will find Puerto Vallarta, is a hiking tours haven, but more so known as the capital of Mariachi music; some people say it all began here. In any case, you will find some incredibly talented Mariachi bands in Puerto Vallarta; there’s even a child Mariachi band!

4.Playa Los Muertos

It translates to “Beach of the Dead,” and this comes from an old legend which states that centuries ago, pirates stormed this beach to loot and kill. The locals put up a fight, however, and many pirates died on this beach, thus giving it its name. In fact, many people talk about how skeletons were found when the first hotels were being constructed here.

5.Banderas Bay

This is one of the deepest bays in the world as well as being one of the largest. The bay is 26 miles across and 3,000 feet deep (which is mind-boggling when you really think about it).

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