5 Interesting and Fun Facts About Tampico

Tampico lies on the northern bank of the Panuco River, 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and is almost completely surrounded by swampy lands and lagoons. During Mexico’s 20th century oil boom, the city was the primary oil-exporter of the Americas, yielding profits that were invested in the city’s famous architecture, often compared to that of Venice and New Orleans. As a result here are some fun facts about the legendary city of Tampico.

1. Lots of stuff gets made here

About 350 assembly plants employ more than 150,000 workers on the Tamaulipas border, today. In the southern part of the state, chemical and oil production facilities manufacture acrylic fiber, plastic resins, synthetic rubber, and polymers.

2. The cathedral is the centerpiece of its historic downtown

Tampico’s historical downtown features architectural landmarks – such as the Cathedral of Tampico, the Maritime Customs Building, and the Flower’s Pyramid – showcasing the city’s culturally diverse Mexican history, which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

3. A local dance has its roots in Scotland

La Picota, a traditional dance of the region, features dancers who jump, leap, and twirl in spirited choreography. The rhythmical motions of the dance, which are thought to be derived from Scottish folk dances, are normally accompanied by a clarinet and drum.

4. The Mexican national anthem debuted here

The Teatro de la Reforma in Matamoros was originally built in 1865. But in 1904, it witnessed a historical moment in Mexican culture when the country’s national anthem was performed there for the first time by its composer, Don Jaime Nuno.

5. It has many beaches along the Gulf of Mexico

Altamira is among the state’s more inviting beaches as well as the Golden Dunes, and Miramar beach, which draws countless visitors annually. But one of the most beautiful beaches along the shoreline is La Barra del Tordo. The Carrizal River meanders along the beach’s shore, forming a complex ecosystem with rich and abundant vegetation and fauna, including Lora turtles that come to the beach every year to reproduce.

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