5 Interesting and Fun Facts About Tuxtla Gutierrez

Tuxtla Gutierrez is the capital city of the state of Chiapas. In contrast to the rest of Chiapas, it is a modern, bustling city that is growing very quickly. The capital doesn’t overwhelm with style, but it makes up for it with lots of amenities, nightlife, and an intriguing history just waiting to be told. Here are a few Interesting facts About Tuxtla Gutierrez.

1. Natural Environment

The city has an altitude of 2,000 feet above sea level, and sits in the long narrow Tuxtla Valley, which is part of the larger Central Valley region of the state. On the north and south sides, the land rises into mountainous terrain as one heads out of the valley. Most of the city’s wildlife can be found in a number of reserves here, including the Centro Ecologico Recreativo El Zapotal, the Cerro Maxtumatza State Reserve, and Sumidero Canyon.

2. Local Festivals

The two most important local celebrations are the Feria de Saint Mark and the Feria Chiapas. The Feria de San Marcos occurs each April in the center of the city, honoring the patron saint of Mark the Evangelist. It includes offerings, fireworks in frames called “castillos” (castles) and pilgrimages for four days starting on the 25th. The Feria Chiapas includes bullfights, horse racing, cockfights and exhibitions of the many products of the state, including crafts, manufactured goods and agricultural products.

3. Exotic Cuisine

Of all the things to do in Tuxtla Gutierrez, exploring the variety of Mayan ruins tours on offer should be a top priority, but the true reflection of the state lies in the varied cuisine of the city. Among other astronomical anomalies, you will regularly find pictes (a sweet corn tamale), la chispota (beef with chickpeas and cabbage), niguijuti (pork with mole sauce), sopa de pan (bread with broth and vegetables), a legume called patashete, and traditional Chiapas tamales made with chipilin.

4. Industry

Tuxtla is the major commercial and manufacturing center. With petroleum and natural gas fields in southeastern Chiapas, exploited since the late 20th century, essentially increasing the city’s economic importance.

5. Cultural Legacy

Poet Jaime Sabines – widely regarded as Mexico’s most influential contemporary poet – was born in Tuxtla Gutierrez. His work celebrates everyday people in common settings. Octavio Paz, the celebrated Mexican writer, called Sabines “one of the greatest contemporary poets of our tongue”.

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