Adventure and Relaxation in Mexico’s Monterrey

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico and the capital of the state of Nuevo León. This commercial, industrial, educational, and transportation hub of northern Mexico has a semi-arid climate, and is one of the warmest cities in the country.

The weather in Monterrey provides for very hot summers with temperatures in August ranging between 73°F to 95°F. Spring and fall are fairly moderate, and the winters mild with temperatures in January ranging between 46°F to 70°F. Rainfall is scarce in the winter months but more common from May through September.

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Monterrey frequently experiences extreme weather changes, sometimes reaching 86°F in January and February, despite being the coldest months. The most extreme weather in summer occurs with rainfall, which changes from drastic heat to cooler temperatures, and the temporary absence of the northern winds in winter, can lead to abnormally high temperatures.

Despite these fluctuations between seasons, the overall consistency of Monterrey’s daily climate acts as the perfect context for all the exciting adventure activities on offer, such as hot air ballooning above the impressively rugged northern landscape. During summer with its steady rainfall, canyoneering through the exquisitely beautiful Matacanes canyon, just south of the city of Monterrey, is considered one of the best adventure tours in Mexico.

The city also offers interesting options and some of the obligatory attractions include the steelworks museum in the “Parque Fundidora” (“Foundry Park” in English), the park itself which has a lovely promenade that hosts many art and other shows, and the museum of contemporary art.

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