Baja’s Loreto is Home to World Class Scuba Diving

Although there are many things to do in Loreto, diving has become a primary pull to the area, and the best season for diving in the waters of Baja California is from February through April. This is when the humpback and blue whales arrive to the shore, making the diving experience even more unique.

One of Loreto’s most enduring attractions is the Sea of Cortez, providing maximum enjoyment of the beauty of its beaches.

One of the Baja’s jewels is Loreto Bay and the islands of Loreto, made up of the Del Carmen, Danzante, Monserrat, Catalina, and Coronado Island, as well as some smaller islets. The waters connect with the Sierra Giganta, bestowing a spectacular vista on visitors. Diving in these waters is a feast for the eyes, where you will find a spectacular marine world under the sea. Here divers can explore colorful coral reefs that shelter an amazing variety of indigenous marine life, providing a living backdrop to the unending multicolored fish and mollusks.

Visitors who travel to Mexico and choose to go to Loreto will partake in some of the best diving in Mexico, and will be able to appreciate the diversity of the region’s thriving marine life, amongst varieties of dolphins, whales, sea lions, lobsters, sea turtles, and several bird species, including pelicans and seagulls.

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