Baja’s Los Cabos is a Vacationer’s Paradise with Options for Everyone

Whether it’s hang gliding or cosmopolite shopping, to evenings spent along the Sea of Cortéz, one thing is certain: travelers love Los Cabos for the unique experiences that have derived from the area’s exceptional weather and diverse landscape.

One of these, is a surprising oasis found in the rugged outback of Baja California – a natural waterfall nestled into striking rock formations located in the Cañon de la Zorra (Fox Canyon). This clear mountain pool and waterfall makes for one of the most scenic hikes the area has to offer.

Los Cabos is also on the roadmap for foodies. One of the most unique spots to enjoy excellent fare is Flora Farms. Located just a short drive from San José del Cabo, this incredible setting offers an open-air dining room tucked into the working fields of the organic farm. The creative cuisine and fresh ingredients, along with live music and a great wine list makes this an experience not to be missed for any food lover.

However, the most popular Los Cabos tours are the ones focused on whale watching. Between December and March, it is possible to observe the gray, humpback and orca whales that migrate from the cold, distant Arctic in search of the warmer waters.

But if you’ve already seen the sights on an ATV or bike tour, via horseback or jet ski, the next adventure is taking in those amazing views while riding a majestic camel. The popular camel and outback safaris combine guided nature walks, camel rides, tequila tastings and traditional Mexican meals.

Featured Tours in Los Cabos