Be There for the Most Popular Annual Events in the Riviera Maya

A true tropical paradise, the Riviera Maya is well known for its exciting eco adventures, relaxing white beaches and Mayan ruins. But this scenic setting serves as much more than just a backdrop for tropical getaways. It also sets the stage for hosting many special local events throughout the year.

The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival has been a resounding success since its inauguration in 2003. Hosted in the city of Playa del Carmen, the festival is well organized and well attended, and always features a solid lineup of talent of various jazz traditions. The event generates a festive, party-like atmosphere among locals and visitors alike, and to this day, remains one of the most celebrated Mexican festivals in the region.

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One of the more congenial Riviera Maya excursions on offer, is the Riviera Maya Food and Wine festival – a much loved annual event – which brings gourmets, foodies and wine merchants from all over Mexico together for three days of eating and drinking. Those who appreciate fine food and wine will have a chance to meet renowned chefs and taste their exquisite creations, in between daily conferences, wine tasting tours and seminars that form part of this sumptuous culinary festival.

In waters characterized by whale shark encounters, some of the world’s best snorkeling, and the occasional swim with sea turtles, the Cesar Martin Rosado Fishing Tournament offers visitors something truly unique. An annual event geared towards anglers both local and foreign, where the competition is extremely fierce. Participants troll for marlin, sailfish, dorado, bonito and barracuda and needn’t go far to start getting bites as the fishing grounds are close to shore. The tournament is a major event for the town of Puerto Morelos, so expect special menus and deals at stores, bars, restaurants and hotels. The tournament generates a carnival atmosphere, full of colorful expats, fishermen and escapists that all share similar characteristics of this beautiful and quirky Mexican seaside village.

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