Blow Your Mind With These Unique Experiences in and Around Nuevo Vallarta

When it comes to vacationing in Mexico, there are a few destinations that tend to outshine the rest of the country; notably Cancun, Cabo, Tulum, just to name a few. But the typical hot spots pale in comparison to Nuevo Vallarta.

Located within Mexico’s Pacific Treasure – rich in profound Mexican history – the small town makes for the perfect getaway. And if you’re looking for adventure tours that offer truly unique experiences, look no further.

Humpback whales have for ages made the trip down south to warmer waters, to reproduce and nurture their offspring. Enjoying this giant congregation of whales in Mexico, is an absolute must while in Puerto Vallarta, particularly because the whales only stick around for a 5-month period.

The surf in Nuevo Vallarta is pretty unparalleled. Even though Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay is stock-full of beautiful sandy beaches, the real surf action is on the North side of the bay. Warm water, a variety of surf breaks, and gentle winds make the Nuevo Vallarta area an ideal surf destination. You can also rent surf boards, boogie boards and ride a speed boat.

However, of all the things to do in Nuevo Vallarta, wild dolphin observations makes for some of the most profound encounters. Nuevo Vallarta sits on the northside of Banderas Bay, home to resident pods of bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins live here year round, and are a frequent sighting on boat trips on the bay, particularly on trips out to the Marietas Islands. Seeing wild dolphins is a real treat – as they jump out of the water, and lead your boat in the way they are famous for.

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