Cancun Offers Something for Both Vacationers and Explorers Alike

Cancun has rapidly grown into a world-class vacation destination in recent years. This bustling seaside resort presents an array of opportunities to tourists with it’s very warm tropical climate, its signature turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and its endless white sand beaches. Beach season is never ending as there is little temperature change throughout the year, making it the perfect vacation spot no matter when you choose to visit.

The hottest time, however, runs between mid-May until the end of September, when temperatures can reach a peak of 110°F. The most popular time for travelers is during the winter months of December through April. This is when the temperatures are warm but friendly, averaging around 80°F, and affording those wanting to escape the cold an easy option for a sunny climate.

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There are a variety of things to do in Cancun. For the daredevil adventurer, sailfish snorkeling is a must. These billfish are some of the fastest species of fish in the ocean, and since they are migratory, these experiences are very popular as the fish arrive along the Caribbean coastline during the winter months.

For the explorers at heart, the Mesoamerican coral reefs are perfect for divers and snorkelers. Recognized as the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, this fascinating underwater world stretches over 700 miles from the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down through to the Honduran Bay Islands.

Catamaran sailing is always a great day out regardless of your travel style. Be it a relaxing day on the picturesque waters of the Caribbean Sea, or a margarita-filled, party extravaganza with friends and family. Sunshine and cool tranquility are as certain as the clarity of the waters you’ll sail upon.

The possibilities are endless during Cancun’s warm tropical days and vibrant summer nights. Brimming with a pulsing nightlife scene, a range of quaint local to international restaurants and cafés, and many tour and activity options, Cancun is a perfect fit no matter what your size.

A sunshine city, where sunscreen and sunglasses are mandatory, the weather in Cancun allows for endless fun. As a result, Cancun has risen the ranks as a world class tourist capital, and is bookmarked by seasoned travelers as their first choice for tropical paradise getaways.

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