Cancun is a Place for the Entire Family to Relax and Enjoy

Cancun’s shores bloom with high-rise hotels, creating a bustle that teens and twenty-somethings find especially exciting. But the area has much to offer families as well. We’ve compiled some suggestions of family-friendly things to do in Cancun, to help decide what to do and where to go while on vacation.

First and foremost, kids love water. If you keep them where they can swim and snorkel, they’ll probably be at their happiest. And this is why the whole family will love a day trip to Isla Mujeres. Which includes a ferry ride, and if you’re smart, a golf cart tour around the island followed by swimming and lunch on North Beach, where the water is calm and bright turquoise blue. While Dolphin Discovery is where the kids can get up close and personal with the ocean’s friendliest inhabitants, through some incredible programs that offer dolphin encounters.

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A popular outing for families of all ages are jungle tours. These tours can visit petting zoos, allow for a swim in a cenote or an underground river, followed by a stop at the beach. And for the adventurer in you, there are zip lines too.

But the educational experiences at the many Mayan ruins of the area will give great insight into a mysterious and interesting lost world. Chichen Itza, a large complex of pyramids and ruins, is an intriguing option, but the smaller collection of ruins right on the coast of Tulum might be the better alternative. It’s an easy half-day trip that reveals a lot about the Mayan way of life, and if you need to cool off, there’s a small beach below the ruins where you can swim.

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