How to Choose Your Next Massage in Playa del Carmen

Just south of Cancun and the crazy Spring Break scene, Playa del Carmen offers a mix of excitement and relaxation. It’s perfect for those looking to disconnect, unplug and unwind in the land of the best beach clubs. The town also provides the opportunity to explore and experience first-class adventure. Either way, Playa del Carmen is undoubtedly going to be your new favorite wellness paradise.

La Quinta – Spanish for “The Fifth” (a nod to its location on Fifth Avenue) – is the main strip of Playa del Carmen, stretching on for about 4 miles. Lined with street vendors, restaurants, and tons of shopping, it’s buzzing at all hours of the day. Go for a stroll in the early(ish!) morning when it’s peaceful and fairly quiet, and later in the evening when it’s packed and draws quite a crowd.

Two sunny destinations in one trip? Yes, please! Take a ferry and hop over to the saline and sun-filled island of Cozumel, just a quick 30- to 45-minute ferry ride from the Playa port. With opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, encounter some of the most exquisite coral reef around, explore the ruins, or ride an ATV; the things to do in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel are endless.

The cenotes near Playa del Carmen, which are natural sinkholes that arise from the collapse of limestone bedrock, are gorgeous natural wonders worth exploring during your trip. If you’re an ocean lover, you’ll adore the thrill of swimming in an underground river beneath a cenote’s peak.

However, if Playas brand of adventure-based health and wellness doesn’t quite rock your boat, the resorts around town are sure to please your search for relaxation in this warm-weather mecca.

Right in the middle of the action, the ‘Grand Hyatt Playa’ is a modern, luxury respite for busy travelers. It features direct beach access, modern rooms, beautiful decor, plenty of walking space, a new full-service fitness center and studio, and five-star restaurants—all within walking distance of downtown. Catch the sunrise over a morning beach meditation and yoga practice then head to the Cenote Spa for an evening flow and meditation.

A beachfront, all-inclusive resort, ‘Hacienda Tres Rios’ is actually a 326-acre nature park. Pairing the amenities of modern luxury with ancient Mayan and Mexican traditions, this resort is fantastic for hosting groups, families, retreats, or events. South of Cancun but north of the downtown Playa del Carmen area, it’s tucked away from the business of both bustling areas. Rent out a kayak and paddle through the mangrove trees, open-water coves and surrounding waters, or take in some sun poolside. The Mexican government has also recognized Hacienda for its environmental stewardship, so you can feel good about your stay.

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