Colorful Local Festivals in San Cristobal de las Casas are Fun for the Entire Family

San Cristobal de las Casas, a city famously surrounded by many hills, mountains, Mexican landmarks and Mayan ruins, is a vibrant and eclectic town, perfect for observing some of the best Mexican festivals, traditions and celebrations.

Two of the most important annual festivals include the celebration of the founding of the city on March 31st and the Fiesta de San Cristobal that takes place from July 16 to 25. Make sure to visit San Cristobal during either of these festivals to enjoy authentic celebrations of Mexican culture, endless parades, fireworks, marimba bands, neighborhood parties and many other native traditions.

Every April, the city celebrates the arrival of spring with the Feria de la Primavera y de la Paz (Spring Fair). One of the largest local festivals and Chiapas attractions, that involves parades, carnival rides and games, art exhibits, concerts and many cultural events.

The Cervantes International Baroque Festival, the most important in all of San Cristobal’s celebratory dates, takes place each year in late October. During the weeklong celebration, the city’s cultural centers, theaters and public spaces host a variety of concerts, dance performances, street theater, art exhibits, food fairs and more

However, the most elaborate of rituals is performed during Holy Week. During this time processions include both silent and chanting marchers. A number of them dress in pointed hoods and carry heavy platforms with religious figures. They go from home to home, stopping at those that have erected small shrines. There they say prayers and bless the house and its occupants before moving on. They finally come to rest in a gigantic open house where an inner shrine has been erected lit by thousands of candles and a large potluck supper. Where all, even passersby, are welcome to partake and celebrate.

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