Cozumel Island is Fun for the Whole Family

The island of Cozumel, which gets its name from the Mayan word “Cuzamil” (Island of the Swallows), is the most popular cruise ship destination in the world due to its close proximity to Miami and the other Gulf cruise home ports, its modern infrastructure, stunning crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and the exciting variety of Cozumel cruise excursions that offer options for young and old alike.

From beach breaks, water activities, sightseeing, to Mayan ruins and even swimming with dolphins, most things to do in Cozumel include English speaking guides, and US dollars are an accepted form of currency. Tours on and around the island almost always include options for children from as young as 6 years old.

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So if you are planning a vacation with your children, or grandchildren, be sure to consider the following options for a day out on the island:
1. dolphin kids programs
2. beach club day passes
3. 1 or 2 tank diving, or
4. one of the PADI introductory courses specifically designed for young people.

Cozumel Island is a tropical paradise where the whole family will definitely have an unforgettable time!

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