Cozumel Offers Visitors a Window to the Stars

Most people visit Cozumel Island for one of two reasons: watersports, or to overindulge with food and drink before their cruise ship takes off again. If you’re still wondering where is Cozumel exactly, you can find Mexico’s Caribbean jewel perched just a few miles off the coast of the Quintana Roo mainland. However, there’s so much more to this island than day-trippers can explore.

If you’re considering which tours in Cozumel you want to experience, it’s easy to fall back on the standards; dolphin swimming, scuba diving, or those quintessential Cozumel snorkeling tours. But, Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium is truly a unique offering, and is bound to leave you star struck.

Opened on August 20, 2015, Cha’an Ka’an’s design – a big white structure – symbolizes a swallow, the symbol of Cozumel, while its name means “to observe or enjoy the sky” in Mayan.

The planetarium is fully equipped with state of the art technology and 3D systems, and it is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in all of Latin America.

The space promotes a constant exchange of ideas, and is always developing interactive activities to enhance scientific knowledge and innovation, as well as the preservation of the legacy of the Mayan culture and biodiversity of the state.

Beyond this, however, there is an interactive water museum, and many different areas dedicated to scientific and technological development, as well as an observatory, a museographic exhibit on Mayan cosmology and a special telescope to safely observe the sun. There is also a nature interpretation center with an amazing display of the endemic flora of Cozumel. Every week the facility also offers conferences, movies and other activities for kids, adults and families.

If you want to do something different from the usual things to do in Cozumel, Cha’an Ka’an is perfect for you. Located a short walk up from the international port where the cruise ships dock, the planetarium will undoubtedly give you an unbelievable experience. Viewing our magnificent universe via this fantastic planetarium will leave you enthralled with the magic of the stars, the moons, and the planets.

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