Creel is the Heart of the Spectacular Copper Canyon

Creel Mexico is perhaps the Copper Canyon’s best-known village, the most common access point to the canyon system itself, and one of Chihuahua’s three Pueblos Mágicos. In fact, a number of the local attractions around the Copper Canyon are situated closely to Creel, which is also one of the few places that the El Chepe train stops at.

Tourists use this little town as a jumping-off point for all their Copper Canyon tours. Most travelers catch the bus from Creel to the village of Batopilas. The harrowing canyon-hugging ride itself is thrilling, but the real attraction is the canyon treks, which boasts some of the finest hiking in Mexico, and can all be arranged from Batopilas.

Cusararé Falls is also a no-brainer. While this waterfall is far from the tallest the Copper Canyon has to offer, its 98 foot (30 meters) drop still makes it an impressive place to visit, and the surrounding pine forests are just as picturesque.

Elsewhere, the U-shaped Lake Arareko, situated just 3 miles (5 kilometers) from Creel, is a lush outpost of natural beauty. And here you can soak up the scenery surrounded by an array of squirrels, ducks and exotic birds.

The main attraction, however, known in Spanish as Barrancas del Cobre, consists of 20 canyons carved out of the Sierra Madre Occidental by at least six different rivers. The area — astonishingly — is about seven times the size of the Grand Canyon, and by all counts is deeper, longer, more remote, and certainly less visited than Arizona’s premier natural wonder.

With a distinct topography, flora, and fauna, Creel is the perfect companion to a contemporary canyon experience. Surrounded by pine forests, this lumber town has gradually restyled itself into a regional tourist center and Copper Canyon’s resident ‘gateway’ location.

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