Delicious Regional and International Gastronomy Awaits Discovery in Tampico

Tampico is a city and port located in northeast Mexico, in the state of Tamaulipas. Although it is regarded as one of the region’s most famous beach destinations, the things to do in Tampico extend far beyond its shoreline.

From white river rafting, hiking alongside some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico, and a culturally rich downtown area, Tampico is a modern-day haven for tourists. However, apart from its natural and architectural landmarks, the region is becoming increasingly known for the vast amount of delicious local and International cuisine waiting to be discovered.

Gastronomically, Tampico offers dishes that are complex and sophisticated, while always retaining a sense of simple home fare.

Locals like to brag and show off their extensive range of platters fit for any occasion. Days begin with sotol woodcock, pita flower with eggs, and toasts with nopal marmalade. Empanadas are ideal starters before lunch, which usually includes lamb or northern style fried pork, complemented with local San Carlos mezcal. And for the evenings, a cured meat called cecina, potato mole, or some mixed tamales alongside a maize beverage usually fills out the authentic Mexican food menu.

But as with the rest of Eastern Mexico, cabrito rules the roost here – which can be attributed to the city’s culinary Mexican history – and can be had in all the varieties typical of the region; baked, stewed in its blood, or roasted. While the carne a la tamiqueña – which is grilled beef served with refried beans, sautéed chiles and onions – is a known favourite among visitors.

Mexico is a country rich in traditional dishes, with some still issued from old pre-Hispanic recipes. And this is no different in Tampico. The influence of yesterday remains ever-present, and the options are always numerous, rich and tasty.

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