Discover Akumal’s Incredible Underwater World

To many, Mexico is known as a diving Mecca, with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and unparalleled dive sites. And for many years, the answer to “Where is the best snorkeling in Mexico?”, was – quite simply – the country’s Caribbean coast. As the area served as an amazing spot for divers and snorkelers flying into Cancun, traveling to Playa del Carmen and then ferrying over to Cozumel.

However, over the past decade, divers and snorkelers alike have chosen to linger in the Riviera Maya to become acquainted with the area’s hidden gems.

Akumal, in this way, is unique for its uncrowded, non-commercial diving and snorkeling opportunities. The clear waters make it a paradise for snorkeling, scuba and open-water diving, and even underwater photography. The local coral reef, which is the longest in the Western Hemisphere, is a kaleidoscope of color, tropical fish, and exotic coral formations.

If you’re ready to experience the most famous Akumal diving on offer, you’ll want to visit Half Moon Bay. Though the beach is rocky, the underwater experiences are excellent on days when the surf is calm.

Tortuga Reef, on the other hand, is special in its own way because of the possibility to swim up close with Akumal turtles. You may have to swim out a bit, but it’s worth the effort to be up close to these majestic creatures.

Adventures on land also involve a variety of fun activities to do with family, including exploring the surrounding jungles which are riddled with hidden caves, and partaking in some of the best cenote tours in Riviera Maya.

But Akumal’s true allure lies in its waters. With as many as 12 dive sites, the town boasts a huge variety of dive sites and environments from coral reefs to short tunnels. The water is warm and visibility is generally excellent, and almost all sites are protected from the heavy current. However, some sites may be deeper than an Open Water certificate allows, making Akumal a great location for beginners and advanced divers alike.

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