Discover Cabo San Lucas for a Fun Family Vacation

When your vacation is booked and you are wondering what to do in Cabo San Lucas, kick back and take some time to explore the many options that are available for the whole family. To start the weather in Cabo San Lucas is perfect for sun seekers, with summer sun dominating all year round. Any water related activities, like scuba diving, snorkeling, catamaran or yacht sailing, whale watching or flyboarding are all popular choices.

Land based adventure tours enable visitors to experience the natural beauty of the region beyond these traditional tourist activities, and it is the incredibly beautiful, rugged Sierra La Laguna mountain range that offers amazing opportunities to experience the natural beauty of the Baja California desert landscape.

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Mountain biking is an obvious choice and they are readily available for rent in the town. The desert area immediately around Cabo San lucas is a favourite riding area and anyone heading out on a remote back road should take a detailed map of the area and common-sense supplies. Cycling alone in remote areas however is not recommended. Riding bicycles in busy Cabo San Lucas is not recommended due to busy traffic and pedestrians. The best option is to contract a local operator who will ensure that your day is filled with safe, enjoyable adventure.

Featured Tours in Cabo San Lucas