Discover Flyboarding in Los Cabos, Baja California

Yes, anyone can do it. It may look like an extreme sport or a difficult physical exercise, yet men, women and children of all ages are enjoying this newest and coolest adventure water sport in Los Cabos, located in the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

If you like discovering new experiences, strap on your boots and get ready to take off. Enjoy the thrill of leaving the surface of the planet and being thrust almost 30 feet up into a whole new 3D universe. Guide yourself into backward somersaults, plunge down, headlong through the waves and swim underwater faster than a dolphin. As you emerge from your underwater dive and fly back up into the air, pure adrenaline will leave you exhilarated and wanting to come back for yet another heart thumping ride.

Bolted onto a jet ski, the flyboard’s primary device routes water through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots. Hand held stabilizers that guide you through the air make it easy to use and a fun activity that the entire family will find incredibly easy to learn.

The perfect flyboarding venue in Mexico is Los Cabos, with an average of 350 sunny days every year and average annual temperatures that range from 64 F to 86 F. These weather conditions are exactly what sun and summer seekers look for when on vacation to enjoy tours and activities that include flyboarding, snorkeling, sailing, diving, fishing and many other outdoor excursions.

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