Discover Incredible Endemic Fauna in San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi Mexico, located in the central region of the country, is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains to the west, the Oriental Mountains in the east, and the rugged Trans-volcanic belt to the south. This region constitutes part of the central portion of the Mexican Meseta Central – an extensive set of flatlands splayed out in north-central Mexico.

Throughout the high, arid plateaus, desert flats and mountain ranges of the area – which transcend tropical forests, jungles, some of the finest waterfalls in Mexico and a range of coastal plains – more than three hundred specimens of mammals can be found today.

The area houses, among others, yellow-faced pocket gophers, coyotes, shrews and the highly endangered Mexican prairie dog.

Towards the outskirts of the more occupied variants of San Luis’ lands, you can find large mammals such as wildcats and deer, as well as smaller mammals like hares, tlacuaches (Mexican possums), rattlesnakes and armadillos.

Today, the things to do in San Luis Potosi include more than just wildlife-based activity, but a lot of it incorporates San Luis’ astounding natural environment. Exploring the Mezcal route, enjoying sport fishing in the number of dams and rivers in the area, or partaking in the greatest white water rafting in Mexico make for the best San Luis Potosi activities.

Overall, the city and its glorious surroundings is a must-see on any heartland tour of Mexico; for history buffs, the leisure traveler, or animal-lovers alike – the city will certainly reward you with its many splendors.

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