Discover Nature in the Mountains Around Baja’s Todos Santos

The Baja California Peninsula is an incredibly picturesque landscape that includes hundreds of miles of rugged Pacific coastline on its western seaboard, the uniquely rich waters of the Sea of Cortez on its eastern seaboard, imposing mountain ranges stretching the entire length of this vast area, and an arid, cactus-filled semi desert that holds the promise of many future adventures.

In the south, only 2 hours from the raging tourist resort of Cabo San Lucas, lies the quaint little seaside town of Todos Santos, one of the most appealing towns in all of Baja. A quirky mix of local Mexicans North American expats, avid fishermen, surfers and New Age followers, the town of Todos Santos (in English “All Saints”) has thus far escaped the rampant tourism of its southern neighbors in Los Cabos. It provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while at the same time offering an attractive menu of activities for the whole family.

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For the religious water and sun worshippers a number of surfing options are available, from day trips to boot camps that offer lessons from beginner to advanced levels. Expats who have settled here have created opportunities for visitors to enjoy everything from fantastic bird watching trips, book clubs to cooking seminars, Tai Chi classes, photography outings, yoga and dance classes, writing and poetry groups and horseriding trips. Trips further afield include whale shark snorkeling and kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, whale watching, and even flyboarding lessons in Los Cabos.

Not to be missed are the many hiking opportunities in the surrounding Sierra la Laguna mountains. Fall and early winter an ideal time to go for a ramble among these pristine peaks as the weather is cooler and a lower hanging sun provides ideal lighting in which to marvel at the spectacular views that greet visitors at every turn.

The Sierra La Laguna is a mountain range that stretches from La Paz in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the south, a total distance of approximately 137 miles. With no more than 200 inhabitants widely scattered throughout 35 ranches, this more than 276,000 acre-wide area is virtually uninhabited and is the perfect place in which to escape into the pristine natural beauty of the region.

In 2000 this area was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique plant and animal biodiversity. The foothills surrounding the mountains are covered with dry, low-growing cacti, succulents, thornscrub, and abundant herbs. Common species include barrel cactus, cholla, palo verde, ironwood, damiana, and oregano. At elevations of 1,640 to 2,460 feet, subtropical deciduous forest and columnar cacti are the dominant flora. At its highest elevations, Sierra La Laguna qualifies as a cloud forest during the moist summer months, when the peaks are consistently shrouded in mist or rain.

Like many other parts of Baja California, Todos Santos is changing and local development is moving fast. Visit soon, and enjoy its amazing tranquillity and unique outdoor experiences before it changes forever.

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