Discover the Real Cabo San Lucas Culture Away from the Noise

With an almost yearlong summer, Cabo San Lucas is Mexico’s ultimate seaside destination. Here, surfers, golfers, divers, and hikers arrive for year-round water sports and distinct Cabo San Lucas activities. The city offers experiences that range from all-night bar crawls, some of the best scuba diving in the country, to Thursday night art walks, in between all-inclusive resorts with everything for the perfect honeymoon or family vacation.

Boasting some of Mexico’s most spectacular mountains and beaches, the Baja California Peninsula has become increasingly popular with visitors who are looking beyond the country’s typical tourist hubs. From majestic seas, elegant colonial mission towns, idyllic sights and some unforgettable experiences, like whale season in Cabo, this expansive part of Mexico is a place to behold.

If you stop and talk to villagers, many will be eager and willing to tell you all about Baja California’s peculiar Mexican culture and history. Due to the US’s proximity and the interchange and constant traveling between the two countries by citizens of both, a lot of influence from the United States exists here today.

Baja was, and still is, a top destination for adventurous northern neighbors, and in the 50’s and 60’s many quirky and eccentric Americans would drive their cars down to the peninsula to explore its array of villages and ultimately reach the “Land’s End” in Cabo San Lucas.

The specific culture and lifestyle of the people here also depends on what part of the peninsula they live in. Tijuana is the biggest and most dense city, where the inequalities between rich and poor are quite extreme. In villages along the coast, most people live a calm, slow and rural life. The residents of Los Cabos also have their own unique identity and lifestyle that in recent decades has been shaped by the influx of tourism to the area.

While visiting Cabo San Lucas, make sure to try your best to communicate with locals to get a good sense of what the real culture is all about. Sure, you will be busy dancing at the nightclubs, having dinner on the beach, indulging in the variety of fun family activities, or enjoying the excellent watersports the area has to offer, but take some time to ask questions of your servers, hotel staff, and other locals you might pass along the street. They probably have an exquisite story to tell.

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