Discover the Village of Kantemo in Southern Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Deep in jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula lies a little village that goes by the name of Kantemo. Consisting of no more than a few homes, Kantemo is relatively unknown to the broader public. And unlike the more cosmopolitan excursions in Cancun, or the extravagant whale shark snorkeling on offer on the Yucatan’s coastline, Kantemo is home to one of the most unique experiences in Mexico.

The Cave of the Hanging Snakes’ houses multitudes of small bats that often appear in frantic swarms. And in order to take advantage of the flying rodent population, snakes have taken to living in the ceiling and high up on the walls of the cave. From the cracks and crevices, they wait until the bats enter or leave the cavern, before dangling down to catch the flying bats in their mouths.

Although these reptiles are common among the Mexican animals in the jungles of Quintana Roo – where they feed on birds and small rodents – in the caves of Kantemo, they feed only on bats by adapting to the perpetual darkness. And this specific cave is the only place on Earth where this type of behaviour has been documented.

An underground river of crystal clear water runs through the cave as well, which features many strange fish and blind shrimp, making the cave’s ecosystem one of the most fascinating examples of natural life in the region.

However, if serpents dangling from a cave roof isn’t necessarily up your alley, outside there is a community of birds that consist of more than 90 different species, making the region perfect for bird watching, as well as tours that explore the Mayan culture and remaining Kantemo wildlife.

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