Discover Why Contoy Island is a Bird and Beach Eco Paradise

Contoy Island, in the State of Quintana Roo, is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 31 miles north of Cancun.

The island has been a protected area since 1961, and is located in the transition zone between the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean and the deep, cold waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities in the waters off the coast, and from July through August you can even go for a swim with whale sharks.

Isla Contoy is considered the most important nesting place of seabirds in all of the Mexican Caribbean, creating great opportunities for bird watching on the island. Here you will find a tropical oasis, a location renowned for offering some of the best excursions in Cancun, consisting of pristine beaches, dense vegetation and a rich biodiversity.

The tourist boats arrive at the shallow coasts, where the calm waters are perfect for swimming, where the turquoise color of the ocean and the deep green of the trees and plants dominate. At Contoy Island you will be able to shake off the stress and be inspired by the nature around you.

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