Do Not Miss Out on These 5 Todos Santos Fun Facts

Colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, upscale shops, creative art galleries, gourmet restaurants, stunning beaches, and mesmerizing sunsets are only a few of the many reasons visitors are flocking the small town of Todos Santos, Mexico located on Mexico’s pacific shore in the state of Baja California.

As one of Mexico’s 111 Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns), the modest town of Todos Santos is becoming quite the word on the street. Referred to as the second Tulum, the modest town of 5,000 residents is slowly but surely becoming one of the region’s most sought after hot spots. With smaller crowds, friendlier prices, and equally gorgeous views as some of Mexico’s most well known beaches, it’s no wonder that this once hidden destination is now drawing in visitors from near and far.

While it has yet to reach the popularity of more well-known resort towns such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta, its unique draws are sure to transform its quiet shores into some of the country’s most desired. When planning your next trip south, be sure to consider this up and coming local favorite. To get you started, here are five fun facts to think about when planning your trip to the lovely Todos Santos.

1. The Landscape Surrounding Todos Santos Is Uniquely Diverse

It’s not uncommon for individuals to select their vacation destination based on the type of landscape they wish to explore. Certain people will opt for the relaxing and sunny beaches, while others prefer the dry, forest-covered mountains. What if there was a third option? An option that encompasses the best of all environments? Well, look no further – Todos Santos is that destination.

Surrounded by a unique landscape, the historic town finds itself sandwiched between lush tropical vegetation on one side, and a dry, mountainous desert on the other. Talk about diversity!

The reason behind such contrasting landscapes is the presence of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, whose heavy rainfalls travel downward towards the shore creating a richly green environment. On the other side, visitors find dry, desert hills perfect for hiking.

Whether visitors look to visit a tropical paradise, with opportunities to explore life below the water’s surface, or to zip-line, kayak, and hike through some of Mexico’s most breathtaking landscape, Todos Santos is sure to impress. Book your stay now and witness the breathtaking clash of mountains and ocean.

2. Todos Santos Is Home to One of the Region’s Most Spectacular Biosphere Reserves

As one of the region’s most alluring and least explored nature parks, the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve is home to abundant plant and wildlife, including an astounding 79 endemic plant species, 8 endemic reptile species, 4 endemic bird species and 4 endemic mammal species. Covering approximately 28,665 acres (11,600 hectares), it is safe to say there is plenty to explore.

Offering its own variety of dry land adventures, such as hiking trails, zip-lines, waterfall excursions, and kayaking, this mountain microclimate has something to offer anyone looking for an adventure in nature.

3. Todos Santos Visitors Have the Opportunity to Visit the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez

One thing is for certain – Todos Santos is the ideal destination for nature lovers of all kinds. With opportunities to explore its crystal clear waters, hike its dry mountain trails, or walk its cobblestone streets, visitors are presented with a diversity of options during their stay. However, one particular fun fact about this unique get-a-way is its proximity not only to the Pacific Ocean, but also the famous Sea of Cortez.

Located just 50 miles (80 kilometers) to the north of Todos Santos is the picturesque town of La Paz, which is snuggled up close to the exquisite Sea of Cortez shoreline. Home to some of the world’s most vibrant marine life, renowned French explorer Jacques Cousteau once described the Sea as the “world’s aquarium”.

Perfect for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and boating a visit to the Sea of Cortez is by far one of the best day trips from Todos Santos. With Isla Espiritu Santo (Saint Spirit Island) located just 20 miles (32 kilometers) from the mainland, visitors have the opportunity of not only witnessing some of the oceans most spectacular treasures, but also interact with them through activities like snorkeling with sea lions, swimming with whale sharks, and even dolphin watching. This is one opportunity that action-seeking travelers don’t want to miss, as it is known as being one of the top rated Todos Santos excursions.

4. Todos Santos Offers Unparalleled Whale Watching Tours

One of the region’s biggest draws is a 40-ton, marine mammal known as the California Gray Whale. With annual visits to the area’s Magdalena Bay – whose long, narrow shape and warm waters make it the prime breeding ground – lucky visitors are able to observe these gentle giants in action.

With local boat tours available, guests are able to get up and close and personal with these magnificent creates like never before. The best part – tours limit the number visitors and emphasize the importance of sustainable tourism and preserving this remarkable habitat.

Not only will visitors see the whales, but will also be able to pet, connect, and commune with them during their stay. Witness a 45-foot long (14 meter) mother and her newly born calf playing in the waters surrounding the boat, putting on a show for their curious admirers. This is truly a unique and unforgettable opportunity.

5. Todos Santos is Home to Pristine Surfing Conditions

Simply put – Todos Santos is Baja California’s surf mecca. With two lively beaches that provide pristine surfing conditions, the nearby town of El Pescadero (The Fisherman) has become every surfer’s dream.

For those looking to enjoy the ocean views while experiencing a rush of adrenaline, the widely famous wave breaks located at Playa Los Cerritos and Playa San Pedrito are the perfect challenge.

Only an 18-minute drive from Todos Santos, Playa Los Cerritos is the most popular site, where you have the option of renting a surfboard or even taking surf lessons. With both a gentle beach break and adventurous rocky points, this beach has something to offer individuals of all levels and experience.

Playa San Pedrito located just 16 minutes to the south Todos Santos, however, is a bit more challenging. Take in its mesmerizing views while riding its monstrous waves. Unless you have the bravery of a Greek God, this site is best left for the pros.


There you have it – five incredibly fun facts about Mexico’s lovely, up-and-coming beach town of Todos Santos. So, whether you wish to simply lie on the beach or partake in sea lion swimming and Sea of Cortez kayaking activities, this is the place for you. Don’t waste your time and come witness one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets!

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