Enjoy Dining in Baja’s Loreto at These Local Favorites

Loreto is not only one of the oldest settlements in the Baja California Peninsula but also a beautiful destination that carries you deep into a Mexico of legends and colonial glory, whether you’re wandering its winding streets, exploring its prehistoric cave paintings, deep sea fishing or scuba diving in the surrounding Sea of Cortez. And if you love to enjoy local cuisine and fine dining, a day spent exploring the incredible islands of Loreto is definitely not complete without indulging in one of the traditional and international restaurant choices available in this charming little seaside town.

1697 is located in downtown Loreto and is a dedication to the founding “fathers” of the city. The restaurant tries to reflect the fact that the founding party was multicultural, and as a result serves a mix of Italian and Mexican dishes. This is the place to be for a relaxed evening accompanied by good food and even better wine.
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Del Borracho Saloon
Del Borracho Saloon is an ode to the wild west and is conveniently one of the more affordable restaurants around. Traditional American food that are on offer include delicious favorites like chili dogs, milkshakes, sandwiches, and burgers, ensuring a consistently satisfied crowd.
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La Palapa
Appropriately called La Palapa as it sits under a huge palapa made of dried palm leaves. This quaint restaurant specializes in seafood and traditional Mexican dishes, and offers the regionally famous chocolate clams, renowned for their natural, addictive sweetness. Colorful tablecloths and Spanish tiles decorate the place which adds to the visual charm of the restaurant.
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Plastic furniture, affordable dishes and a palapa roof; Orlando’s has a no-frills setting but serves superb food. Try the coconut shrimp with mango salsa for a taste bud treat. The service is gracious and efficient, the soundtrack is discreet and the margaritas always hit the spot.
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