Enjoy Oaxaca With its Year Round Spring Weather

With its year-round springtime climate, Oaxaca City is a place of almost constant Mexican festivals and celebrations. The city’s history dates to the 16th century, the Oaxaca valley much earlier than that, and the customs and heritage of the past are evident everywhere you look.

Several of Oaxaca’s many local customs have gained a global following, with visitors arriving from all over the world to be a part of these special occasions and experience the authentic Mexican culture it offers.

This is a city that is vividly alive with subtle and, not so subtle, references to the traditions of times long past. One of the most extraordinary Mexican celebrations, the Day of the Dead, celebrates when the souls of loved ones will pass the gate and the living ones will receive them.

La Guelaguetza is considered to be the main festivity of Oaxaca. It is the meeting of the seven regions of the state at El Cerro del Fortin and Fortin Hill, two Mondays in July in the most colorful dancing fiesta of the whole country.

Probably the strangest of Oaxaca’s celebrations is the Night of the Radishes, which takes place on December 23rd each year. People from all over the valley bring the largest of their homegrown radishes, which have been lovingly carved into sculptures representing almost anything and a little bit of everything imaginable.

The terrain surrounding the city is filled with lush vegetation, wildlife and sprawling rainforests. Many exciting opportunities await here, with tours specializing in jungle excursions, mountain biking tours and horseback riding. Monte Alban, one of the most spectacular ruins close by, is another highlight that travelers can look forward to. However, if it is the rich culture you are looking to experience, then the many traditions and customs of Oaxaca City is a great place to start.

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