Enjoy the Variety of Cultural Events Merida has to Offer

Merida is a hub of activity that is extremely well connected by land and air to other parts of the region and country. The city has a considerable charm and buzz about it. Retaining both cosmopolitan and quaint qualities, whilst remaining Mexican and with a strong Mayan civilization influence, there are a variety of things to do in Merida.

February is a busy month for Mexican festivals and events in the city. This is when the local university celebrates its anniversary and organizes a range of free concerts and performances including folk ballet and music, reaching back to its Afro-Caribbean and Mayan roots.

Merida’s Carnival takes place just before Lent and is an explosion of art, music, costumes dancing and processions.

Every weekday something happens in Merida. On Sundays the center of town is closed off to traffic between 9 AM and 9 PM for the weekly fair ‘Merida en Domingo’. On Mondays the Vaqueria Regional, which has its roots in the cattle ranching communities, offers music and dancing. Tuesdays bring about live bands at Parque Santiago. On Wednesdays the local theatre puts on a play (admission fees apply). Thursday nights host music and dance at the Parque Santa Lucia from 9 PM, Ballet Folklorico is performed at the local university on Fridays, and on Saturdays the Noche Mexicana features Mexican music and dance, which starts from 9 PM.

The Yucatan is one of Mexico’s most tranquil and safest states, with the weather in Merida resembling that of Florida or Cuba. The people are warm, tranquil and hospitable, have strong roots and traditions, and they take pride in their city and rich history.

With many Mayan ruins spread throughout, exciting adventure opportunities waiting on both land and sea, and explosive cultural encounters waiting to be experienced, Merida is the best place to start on your journey through Mexican traditions and customs.

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