Experience Popular La Paz Local Customs

La Paz Mexico represents a simple, comfortable, authentic Mexican lifestyle, far from the touristy atmosphere of other Mexican resort towns. This vibrant community was built with a deep respect for the natural attributes of the desert, as well as the Sea of Cortez. The result is a laid-back lifestyle focused on interacting with people and the nearby surroundings. Known for authentic Mexican customs and culture, the area is also rich in history, heritage, and a national pride in tradition.

Sheltered by beautiful beaches of white sand, you’re never left without an idea of what to do in La Paz Mexico. Today, however, a focus on the arts prevails throughout the community; music recitals, festivals, art exhibitions, instructional classes and workshops, live theater, dances, and plays offer many opportunities to keep in touch with the culture. The local Cultural Center offers lessons in ballet, guitar, painting, sculpting, and other fun hobbies.

Elsewhere, La Paz boasts numerous art galleries, which often house special art exhibitions and events. The many museums of the area include those for anthropology, whales and music. And a beautiful cathedral is located in the town square for those wanting to explore the town’s one-of-a-kind religious history.

The oceanfront promenade is arguably the best urban landscape element here. It runs 20 or so blocks with vendors, tourists, and locals ambling along eating ice cream or sitting to watch the sun’s final moments in the sky. The length of the Malecon is also decorated with large sculptures created by Mexican artists from around the country.

Here, a Carnival is hosted every February. The whole Malecon gets shut down for three days and becomes filled with stands and vendors. Musicians and dancers are brought in to put on shows, and the fair hosts a famous ferris wheel and all sorts of rides for kids.

And while the whale sharks of La Paz are a natural pull towards the town, Sea of Cortez whale watching is a wonderful local custom here. When gray whales begin to congregate on the other side of the Peninsula in Magdalena Bay every year, it serves as the best time to experience them up close. While tourists are the ones who come to the whales, it seems the curiosity is mutual. Over the years, these whales have developed a curious fascination with humans that has been passed on from generation to generation. This is one of the few places in the world where whales and humans can view each other up close.

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