Explore The Huichol Culture and People in Puerto Vallarta

The Huichol people are a small indian tribe native to a remote region of the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are said to be the last tribe in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions – due to the rugged environment they are encompassed in – and lay claim to Mexican culture from their ancient Aztec ancestry.

Found in the foothills and highlands of the mountain range, their culture is one steeped in spirituality and sacred rituals, and rely upon an inherent connection with nature. Their gracious lifestyles and humble ways offer visitors from around the globe fascinating educational insight into their daily lives.

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One of the ways in which you can experience the Huichol customs, is with some of the many adventure tours on offer. Apart from the usual agave-based tequila tasting excursions, there are some Puerto Vallarta activities and tours specifically focused on experiences that include a visit to an authentic Huichol temple. This is where you’ll get to encounter the Mexican history first hand, including a look at their colorful costumes, traditional music, dances, and artwork.

These artworks are highly collectable, as every piece of beadwork or yarn work is handmade using the same traditional techniques handed down from many generations. The sale of their artwork is also a big part of their economy and essential to their survival. And Huichol beadwork and yarn art has been showcased in many art-focused Mexican festivals and museums.

What makes the Huichol story so remarkable, is the perseverance of their traditions through centuries: from the fall of the Aztec empire, to the Spanish Invasion, and now, the ever-imposing modern world.

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