Explore the Rich Natural Environment Outside of Guanajuato City

If you are looking to explore Mexico beyond the beautiful beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean, you will want to ask where is Guanajuato?

Guanajuato is located in the central Mexican highlands and is the capital of the state that shares its name. It is a UNESCO World Heritage city known for its winding cobblestone streets and traditional multi colored buildings. Some of the famous Guanajuato activities include the eye-opening experience at the Mummy Museum and the annual art festival, the Festival Internacional Cervantino. This hilly city is unique in that its roads are made up of an interconnected tunnel system.

Guanajuato: A Haven for Lovers of the Outdoors

The city is perfectly located for tourists hoping to explore the great outdoors. Using Guanajuato as base to start your adventure, you can easily venture out into the rugged terrains of the nearby Sierra Madre Mountain range. Hikers and cyclists will enjoy the interesting natural surroundings, year-round good weather and the biodiversity found in the varying flora and fauna across the region. Take a hot air balloon ride, a horseback or quad biking tour. Alternatively, our favorite way to see Guanajuato is via an authentic Mexico bike tour, led by experts in the local environment.


Guanajuato is made up of a number of historical mining communities, many of which can still be explored today. It’s important not to miss this vital part of Guanajuato’s history, which shaped the landscape of the city today. The La Valenciana mine is one of the world’s largest original silver mining areas and can be reached by the 9.5 mile (15.3 kilometer) Valenciana bike trail.

Another unique former mining town can be found in Mineral de Pozos. Take the pleasant 16 mile (25.7 kilometer) cycling tour to this small town, which is noticeably different to the vibrant streets of Guanajuato. Here, you can’t help but relax as you take in the lush gardens and mesquite trees, with the ruins of the old town set amongst it.

Mountain Trails

Hikers and mountain bikers alike will be impressed by the mountain trails on offer. In particular, the 25 mile (40 kilometer) Santa Rosa trail winds through the mountains. With each switchback you will come across some stunning views, from towering rock formations to calming palm trees.

Along your travels, you are bound to pass some agave plantations. Be sure to stop and spend some time sampling some traditional mescal, for a true Mexican experience.

For another rewarding treat, stop at the Grotto, or La Gruta Hot Springs, along the enjoyable Mexican Independence Route. Ease your aching muscles from the 44 mile (70.8 kilometers) cycle alongside the Laja River with a dip in the range of outdoor pools, heated by Mother Nature herself.


South of Guanajuato, you will find the well-known volcanic craters, the Seven Lights, in the Santiago Valley. In the Valle de Santiago, you will be taken aback by the distinctive microclimate, abundant cacti and wildlife.

Regardless of where you choose to go during your Guanajuato vacation, you will no doubt encounter an exciting variety of scenery and ecosystems on your travels.

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