Fine Weather Graces the Beautiful Coastal Town of Loreto

Located on the eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula, Loreto possesses an unforgettably tranquil location on the Sea of Cortez – worlds away from the bustle of Los Cabos.

The warm, pristine waters around Loreto are legendary for deep sea fishing with marlin, sailfish, dorado and numerous other species abundant among the offshore islands.

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Loreto weather during the summer months is characterised as being extremely hot, although cooler near the coasts. In the winter it can get much colder and and a lot more windy, so if you’re traveling during this time, take some warmer clothes just in case the weather turns unexpectedly (especially in the evenings) while you’re there. The ‘rainy season’ is September, otherwise this part of Mexico enjoys sunshine and dry weather most days of the year.

Breathtaking scenery abounds, both on land and in the celebrated local waters. Here, exquisite scuba diving offers divers the chance to explore underwater caves, rock reefs and seamounts. Kayaking, combined with some of the best snorkeling in Loreto, is an excellent way to explore secluded beaches and enjoy views of the cactus-studded hills. As the breeding and birthing ground for migrating whales, the Sea of Cortez also offers remarkable and intimate whale watching opportunities.

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