Foodies Love Exploring the Delicious Gastronomy of Los Cabos

From the lowliest street side taco stand to the grandest cocktail-laden seaside five-star, in Los Cabos you’re sure to eat like a king.

The local Mexican fast-food joints make everything to order, and the buzzwords are quick, greasy, and cheap. These stands generally follow the same basic Mexican food model of a few slices of spiced cooked meat or vegetables on a tortilla base, served in a plastic plate. Keep in mind, however, that taco stands with a building and running water are thought to be more sanitary than those serving their treats on the street, with the added plus that you can wash your hands before you eat.

Fine dining options that masterfully fuse Mexican and international cuisines forge an unforgettable experience, and they run the gamut in Los Cabos. Treat yourself at one of the fine establishments housed in the hotels, along the main street, or in those that overlook the Sea of Cortez and its world heritage site protected islands. The star of the region, however, is the fresh and varied seafood. And in many palapas, roadside stands and restaurants in Los Cabos, the very best meals are, simply, the catch of the day.

Also keep in mind that all over Baja you’ll find shops selling ‘licuados’ – refreshing juices and smoothies made from every imaginable kind of tropical fruit. “Aguas frescas” – water flavored with hibiscus, melon, tamarind, or lime – are Mexico’s answer to soft drinks.

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