Get Up Close and Personal with the Amazing Wildlife in Cancun

Cancun is renowned for its tropical plants and exotic animals, and tourists from across the globe come here solely to witness the unique and unusual wildlife.

Mostly good-looking, sometimes dangerous, but always a marvel. Cancun animals run the gamut in terms of ecological diversity and astonishing beauty.

The Yucatan Peninsula, in particular, is a bird watching paradise. Pink flamingos, collared aracari and keel-billed toucans are aplenty, while the scarlet tanager, barn swallow, green jay, and oriole birds are more tricky to find. There are also several species of falcons, hummingbirds, owls, warblers and woodpeckers waiting to be spotted.

Off the coast, however, lies the area’s greatest treasures. And some of the best diving sites are located around Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Tulum and Akumal Bay, where you can expect a great variety of marine life including regular visitors such as rays, turtles and barracuda. Its also not a rarity to see whale shark, trumpet fish, sailfish, butterfly fish, seahorses, manatees, marine turtles, spiny lobsters, or grunts and snappers. But this is just the tip of the Yucatan marine life iceberg, as there is much more to see underwater than we could possibly begin to list here.

And while the cosmopolitan growth of Cancun has pushed the jungle back, you can still discover some of the regular amazonian critters in the tropical forests and coastal wilderness that surrounds the resort city. A wide variety of reptiles, monkeys, jungle cats and crocodiles still laying claim to this Mexican metropolis they call home.

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