Get to Know Baja’s Sleepy Art Town of Todos Santos

Todos Santos, located in the southwestern Baja California Peninsula, is a haven for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere with the possibility of some exciting adventure options.

Favorites, for those that frequent the little coastal town seeking close encounters with nature include turtle observation and release of new hatchlings, incredible early morning bird watching, or even traveling across the Peninsula for some Sea of Cortez kayaking or visiting the famed sea lion colony of Los Islotes to swim with sea lions. Year round conditions also allow for the very exciting opportunity to get wet and up close to the ocean’s biggest fish, the tranquil yet enormous whale shark.

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Even more spectacular are the numerous whales, which migrate down from colder waters in the north. Species include friendly gray whales, singing humpback whales, gargantuan blue whales, sperm whales, minke whales, fin whales and more. With 20 species visiting this endless coastline Todos Santos is a prime spot for this unforgettable experience.

The 7,000-foot Sierra de la Laguna mountain range is perfect for mountain hiking and mountain biking of all levels. With cactus-filled desert plains, higher altitudes that afford sweeping vistas, and numerous trails that crisscross this arid landscape, this easily accessible mountainous region is perfect for an early morning adventure for every member of the family.

Whether you want an unforgettable morning, a fun afternoon, or an indulgent evening, Todos Santos is nothing but sun, surf and a sublime getaway that’s all about you and your adventure.

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