Get Your First Ride on a Jet Surf in the Caribbean Waters of Cancun

A Jet Surf is a high tech motorized surfboard designed and manufactured by MotoGP and Formula1 engineers. Different to watercraft wave runners, these powered surfboards have become must-have water toys for yacht owners and seaside dwellers.

Similar in innovation to the flyboard, no model offers a more impressive combination of speed and lightweight construction than the Jet Surf, which consists of a monocoque hull made 100% from the highest quality carbon fiber.

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Perfect for the waters off Mexico’s coast and the many Caribbean islands spread throughout, Jet Surf boards are made for the adventurous traveler, looking for a different shade of water sport. A patented high tech exhaust system ensures maximum power and reduced noise in a very small spaces.

If you are looking for an alternative to regular snorkeling, scuba and wreck diving, the Jet Surf is the lightest motorized surfboard with the most powerful motor in its category, weighing less than 28 pounds and reaching speeds of up to 35 mph. Jet Surf boards can be used in any water conditions and are easily transported around the world by plane, car or boat.

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