Getaway to Baja’s Loreto for Relaxation and Great Local Cuisine

Loreto is a beautiful town nestled on the edge of the Sea of Cortez in the eastern Baja California Peninsula, located about 220 miles north of the capital city of La Paz. With its bubbling, ever expanding tourist scene, there are now many things to do in Loreto including plenty of attractive restaurants for those wanting a unique and memorable dining experience.

The popular Mediterraneo restaurant, with its panoramic views of the ocean, offers wonderfully delicious food and exceptional service. Be on the lookout for its popular seafood platters that are a hit amongst locals, especially the chocolate clams that are a regional speciality.

Mita Gourmet, located on an open property with colorful and ambient decor, is run by chef Juan Carlos Cortes and his family. The menu is known for innovation and offers a variety of regionally famous recipes using shrimp, fish, chicken and meats, as well as a selection of international dishes.

Los Olivos at La Mision serves distinctive Baja Mexican food, and has become the default dining option for many recurring travelers and locals of the region. Personal service from the very professional staff is what sets this restaurant and hotel apart from the rest.

Moving away from this quaint little town and into the big outdoors presents a variety of exciting activities for the whole family. The islands of Loreto, in close proximity to the mainland, are easily accessible by boat and the surrounding nutrient-rich waters are home to an amazing diversity of tropical sea life, resulting in some of the best snorkeling and diving in the Sea of Cortez.

For those who want to delve into the history of this region, a quick 22 miles west of Loreto, hidden in the canyons of “La Giganta” (“the giant” in English) mountain range are several cave paintings that date back approximately 1,500 years. Although the meaning of the paintings is not well understood, all of them portray activities of hunting, magic, and what appears to be the renewal of life. These cave paintings produced by the indigenous groups of Baja California are world famous and some of them have even been added to UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.

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