Go to Sunny Playa del Carmen for Great Mayan Culture

Travelers who are interested in learning about ancient cultures and civilizations will find that Mexico has a rich and interesting history, boasting more than 150 archaeological sites across the country that are open to the public and perfect for the everyday explorer.

In particular, in Playa del Carmen there are a wealth of archaeological ruins to pick from, and many of these are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. The Mayan ruins of Coba, Tulum, Ek Balam, Muyil and the world-famous Chichen Itza tours, should all be considered crucial stops along your route of discovery, and all of them are easily accessible from Playa (as this seaside town is called by locals).

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The many famous cenotes near Playa del Carmen also have ties with ancient Mayan history of the area, as the Mayans utilized the sinkholes as resources for freshwater, built their towns and cities nearby, considered them sacred entrances into the mythical Underworld, and even used them as places for sacrificial offerings.

So whether you prefer to enjoy its world-class cuisine, taking in the beautiful Caribbean coastal scenery or simply experiencing the outstanding shopping in Playa del Carmen, the town hosts an exciting mix of sun, sea, jungle, and ancient Mayan tradition, essentially establishing itself as an important and integral part of Mexico’s legacy, one that is open to anyone who is willing to explore and uncover some of its magic.

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