Great Dining Options in Cabo San Lucas

The relaxed atmosphere in Cabo San Lucas suffers no shortage of breakfast, lunch and dinner specialists. You may think that on your list of things to do in Cabo San Lucas are only the obligatory Cabo San Lucas tours but incredible places to eat are abundant throughout the cape cites and connecting corridor, with most of the area’s better restaurants open for lunch as well as dinner.

El Pollo de Oro
El Pollo de Oro (“The Golden Chicken”) is the best comfort food stop in the city, as its daily crowds attest. The present location features a spacious well-ventilated dining area, as well as a large entry area that accommodates scattered groups of cops, firemen and other locals who are hanging around waiting for take-out. Chicken platters are the specialty of the house, although Pollo de Oro also boasts the best pork ribs in town. Be sure to order a combo platter with half a chicken and half an order of pork ribs, served with sides of macaroni salad and brown rice.

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Koi Sushi
Hidden in a fast-food court next to the Walmart just outside of town is Koi Sushi, the best, most creative sushi in Mexico. And a growing number of folks agree, some flying in just to taste chef-owner Jose Angel Huerta Ramirez’s fusion take on Japanese classics. There is a menu, but it’s best to let Jose decide. Sit back and watch a succession of amazing dishes arrive. Anything from thin strips of wahoo (a tasty local fish) encircling avocado slices and bits of serrano chile to tuna and crab wrapped in a shrimp tempura, providing a contrasting crispness to the raw goodness inside. Other suggestions are the White Tuna Cilantro Jalapeno Sushi Roll, Anguila Roll Especial, Tunapeno and Sashimi Cilantro.

So if you are looking to explore Mexican cuisine, Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone.

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