Great Places to Eat in Playa del Carmen

So you love to travel to different destinations and enjoy local cuisine, fine dining or just new and exciting flavors? Read on! You may not have given Playa del Carmen a second thought when it comes to restaurants. It is a destination not only famous for Mayan ruins but also a wide range of traditional and international food choices that start from local street fare to establishments that compete with the highest of international standards.

Cueva del Chango
Uniquely set in a beautiful tropical nursery-type garden this is the spot for local-flavored breakfast. The Cueva del Chango is a definite favorite for those who know and have lived in Playa del Carmen, so make sure that you get there between 8-9 AM if you want to be sure to get a table. Try their famous “chilaquiles” and a delicious freshly-squeezed juice from the juice bar before heading down to the beach, only half a block away!

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Babe’s Noodles and Bar, established in 2000, is a Swedish-owned restaurant and bar with speciality Thai noodles and an Asian European kitchen. The bar makes the best mojitos, blueberry daiquiris, margaritas, smoothies and juices. Everything is freshly prepared at the time you order. All these delicious eats, together with the funky decor featuring pin-up girls and barbie dolls, as well as personal attention from the owners, makes for a lunchtime experience you won’t want to miss!

If you are the adventurous type and enjoy exploring what Mexican cuisine has to offer, Yaxche is your dream come true. A unique blend of Maya recipes, some ancient some modern, prepared and served as award-winning culinary art, makes this a must on your list of things to do in Playa del Carmen. The setting is romantic, charming and the service quality excellent. Do try some of their interesting mezcal flavors as you watch the Fifth Avenue come alive at night.

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